PM Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Ghaziabad

PM Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Ghaziabad

PM Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Ghaziabad

UTTAR PRADESH: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, while addressing a Vijay Sankalp Rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad claimed that Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) will be back in power of 14 years in the state. He also said that his party will turn Uttar Pradesh in to Uttam Pradesh (Best state) of India.

Lashing out at the Uttar Pradesh chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav for not rising to the expectations of the people of the state, he said, “Everybody, including me, were expecting him (Akhilesh) to perform as he is young, educated and energetic but he let us all down.”

Samajwadi Party-led government in state has always provided shelter to criminals as a result girls are scared of going to school. Women still don’t feel themselves safe and cannot leave their homes alone after dark, PM said while attacking UP goverment for deteriorating lawa nad order situation in the state.

Hitting out at the newly formed alliance in the state, PM Modi said that the Congress party is a sinking ship and Akhilesh is scared that he he joined hands with that (Congress) party. Otherwise who would like to step in congress’ sinking ship.

“I cannot fight the corruption in Uttar Pradesh while sitting in the national capital. The people of Uttar Pradesh must dethrone the corrupt government at the helm of affairs,” Modi said, adding that a CAG audit will be done for all development authorities in the state to unearth any malpractice. He also said, “People are worried because of my fight against black money and corruption. I have resolved to return the money of the poor to the poor themselves who have been looted.”



In another sharp attack at the UP goverment, Modi said that the state youth are anot able to get any jobs in the state due to bad policy of the government. “They (UP government) have always done governance on the basis of caste-based politics and hae made government jobs recruitments a source of earning money,” Modi said.



“Opposition keeps asking what has the prime minister done in New Delhi. I will definitely answer when my term ends in 2019 but right now SP needs to answer. They should answer what they did in the state for the past five years. If they don’t respond, how will they make state properous, Modi said.


“14 years ago, Uttar Pradesh had BJP government. Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh were at the state’s top chairs. Criminals never got free hand. We had done it before we will do it again,” Modi said



Targetting state government for being anti-farmer, PM Modi said, “SP government is not ready to work for farmers. We have cleared dues of 32 lakh sugarcane farmers but state government hasn’t yet made the payments to these farmers.” He also claimed that the states which have BJP governments buy more than 50 per cent of country’s total production wheat while UP government buys only 3 per cent.

“We have come out with Fasal Bima Yojana (Crop insurance scheme) for the welfare of farmers and are also in process of making online mandis for them. Under Fasal Bima Yojana, farmers have to pay only 1.5 to 2 per cent but under anti-farmer SP government only 15 per cent farmers were benifitted,” he said.



Lasty, PM Modi accused SP government for creating road block for the small traders. “I assure the traders of UP that my fight of black money is against high profile officials, ministers and not against small traders.No income tax official visit small traders,” Modi said, adding, “This fight is between destruction and development, our government works for development while other government works for destruction.”