PM Modi takes a dig at Harvard’s Nobel-winning economist Amartya Sen

PM Modi takes a dig at Harvard’s Nobel-winning economist Amartya Sen

PM Modi takes a dig at Harvard's Nobel-winning economist Amartya Sen

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today took a dig at Nobel-winning Harvard economist Amartya Sen, without mentioning his name, when he said, “Hard work is more important than (what) Harvard (thinks).”

Sen has been vocal about the fact that he thinks demonetisation was a “bad idea”.

“Ek taraf vo hain jo Harvard (University) ki baat karte hain, or ek taraf ye gareeb ka beta hardwork se desh ki economy badalne me laga hai,” Modi said at a campaign rally in Maharajganj in Uttar Pradesh which has been voting this month in the state elections. (“On the one hand they talk of what people at Harvard say, on the other, a poor person’s son through his hard work is trying to grow the economy.”

The Indian economy is expected to expand at 7.1% this financial year – slower than the 7.9% growth in 2015-2016 – after factoring in the impact of demonetisation, the Central Statistics Office said yesterday.

Modi quoted these GDP numbers – which will be lower than last year’s – to say that “Harvard people have now seen the difference between what they think and what hard work brings.”

The PM also educated the crowd by letting them know the state of Manipur is in north-eastern India and that coconuts “don’t yield juice” like he claims the Congress said. “They have water, not juice,” he enlightened the crowd as he campaigned for the UP elections 2017.