Manju warned against doing Kamal’s Aami

Manju warned against doing Kamal’s Aami

Manju warned against doing Kamal's Aami

Ever since Kamal announced that Manju Warrier would be his ‘Aami’, Manju’s comment box have been overflowing. While many have congratulated her, others have actually warned her against acting in the movie.

“There is something fishy about the whole project. There are little chances of Madhavikutty changing her religion. Kamal is a good director but his mind doesn’t seem to be clear.

This project might harm Manju in the long run,” says user Sujith Nellikka while Rajeev Kuttikkat writes, “Whether Manju acts well or not, whether the film turns out to be good or not, it will be a success in Kerala, owing to the antinational propoganda made by Kamaluddin and team. Manju is also part of it now and so her star value will increase.”

Meanwhile, Manju put up a seperate post on her facebook page requesing people not to mix religion with cinema. “My politics is my country. Please try to see Aami as a film and me as a character in it.

The team behind a film might have various political allegiances. But they forget it all to work for a common cause, that of cinema. Please stand together for the film instead of splitting into groups. Please be with me,” she writes.