Kanitkar says Gurukul education system more focused

Kanitkar says Gurukul education system more focused

Kanitkar says Gurukul education system more focused

NAGPUR: “Gurukul system of education is more focused as learning needs of every student are addressed by the guru, the teacher, by paying personal attention,” said Mukul Kanitkar, all-India organizing secretary of Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal, on Monday.

Speaking on ‘Gurukul shikshan — prasangikta ani bhavitavya’ organized as part of annual lecture series in memory of Martandrao Waikar by Sanskrut Bhasha Pracharini Sabha at Sanskrit Bhavan, Civil Lines, Kanitkar squarely blamed the education system of Lord Macaulay under which all the students are taught by using one method. This creates anomalies in teaching pattern as all the students cannot be put in the same category, thinking that they have learnt their lessons well, he said, adding, this leads them to bunk classes.

It is against this background that many parents in India have started home schooling for which ‘Gurukul’ is the best, Kanitkar said. “There is no teaching but only learning in ‘Gurukul’ system,” said Kanitkar. In ‘Gurukul’, topics are picked for teaching through which various aspects are covered so that students can gain knowledge. This is unlike Macaulay’s method which teaches only subjects that does not necessarily provides real education which a student in India needs, he added.

“Not a single Indian university finding a place in the list of top 200 of the world is a glaring example of how reluctant we are towards changing the education system in which students can gain knowledge,” Kanitkar said. Parameters of awarding points in foreign universities are different. One of the parameters relates to how much profit does a university make. But Indian universities are not run for profit which is why they do not find a place in top 200 in the world, Kanitkar said.

Commenting on Macaulay’s education system, expert Leena Rastogi said in her presidential address that “How could you decide that some surgeon who did 10 operations and succeeded in only six is 60% efficient?”

Chandragupta Varnekar made the introductory remarks while Leena Rastogi proposed a vote of thanks.

Present on the occasion were Sharad and Veena Waikar and Vijay Vidolkar.