Eye on Prez polls, BJP stays off DMK factions’ fight

Eye on Prez polls, BJP stays off DMK factions’ fight

Eye on Prez polls, BJP stays off DMK factions' fight

NEW DELHI: BJP is not keen to play favourites between AIADMK factions but feels sidelining of jailed leader Sasikala is a development that can help keep two sides together and make the government more stable.

The party’s message to leaders from the two factions who have come calling in the capital is that it will not express a preference whether CM Edapaddi Palaniswamior O Panneerselvam should hold the top job and if the “merger” needs to be sorted out mutually. BJP’s immediate interests lie in ensuring the entire block of AIADMK MPs and MLAs support the NDA nominee for the presidential poll that is due in mid-July and prevent DMK from gaining from a divide. The stepping down of Sasikala’s nephew T T V Dinakaran, however, is seen as a welcome development in BJP circles as this removes an impediment in Palaniswami and Panneerselvam camps mending fences.

BJP leaders feel Sasikala’s controversies have made her unpopular with the public and her influence would not have boded well for the functioning of the state govern ment besides deepening the intra-party fissures.

The party feels that under Sasikala, AIADMK is lik ely to fare poorly in elections.

As of now the discus As of now the discus sion between BJP leaders and AIADMK factions have been focussed on immediate steps to maintain or restore unity. The possibility of BJP and AI ADMK aligning was not on the cards even though there is ample room for cooperation between the Centre and the state.

BJP sources are wary of wagering how long the state government will continue but said the party would like it to remain in office as long as possible, as the vacuum will be too large to fill even though the saffron outfit sees the state as a growth prospect.