Chukka Ramaiah calls for strengthening school education

Chukka Ramaiah calls for strengthening school education

Chukka Ramaiah calls for strengthening school education

VISAKHAPATNAM: The purpose of education in the past and now is entirely different. In the olden days, education used to revolve around agriculture and was useful only to those who had land and property as they had to maintain their records and accounts carefully, according to educationist and former MLC Chukka Ramaiah.

Participating as chief guest in a seminar on ‘Present trends in education system’, organised by the AP Un-aided School Managements Association (APUSMA) Visakhapatnam district unit in association with the Jana Vignana Vedika (JVV) at the Ramakrishna School here on Sunday, Mr. Ramaiah said industrialisation had changed the face of education.

JVV lauded

He commended the JVV for bringing a change in the outlook of people towards education of girls.

He recalled how his younger sister was beaten up by his mother for insisting on going to school.

“My daughter had passed out of IIT. After her marriage and birth of two children, she enrolled for her Ph. D in Harvard University and today she works for a big company in Cincinnati,” he said highlighting the change in attitude over the years and the importance of girl education.

Calling for strengthening of school education, Mr. Ramaiah said: “I had toured 16 universities in the United States of America and observed that research on improvement of primary education was being done at all of them. Highly qualified PG teachers were being appointed to teach children at primary schools in Switzerland.”

Mr. Chukka Ramaiah expressed the view that a strong foundation was necessary to ensure bright future for children in their later life.